Cratefulmom Story



What began as a late-night conversation between two sisters in Karachi, has now spread across three countries and two continents. The idea for Crateful Mom came about when we realized there was a great lack of gifts that had sentimental value. As creatives, we knew we could address the gap, so we got to work!

The cratefuls we create can be classified more as experiences, rather than gift baskets. Every element in a crate is tied together with a theme or story that holds great significance to the recipient. Over the years, we have helped tell thousands of stories through our craft.

5 years on, we’re so proud that Crateful Mom is now in the USA, UAE and of course, Pakistan. We strive to continue providing our customers with crates and elements based solely on their vision and requirements.

We put great thought into what we do, which is why even the maroon in our logo also has great significance, as it emulates the vibrant hues of the bougainvillea. A flower best described as resilient, the bougainvillea blooms despite extreme temperatures, adding color wherever it grows. It represents our values, our journey, and most importantly, our growth.